Nido’s offers a wide range of opportunities for horticultural, viticulture, and farming ventures.

The property’s latitude is 37*25’ 00” and its principal exposure is southern and easterly with a range of elevation of 875 to 930 feet and a slight to moderate (2 -7%) slope grade. Historically, starting in early May, the growing season is 100-120 days. The property’s soil is Hayesville Loam, with a Ph level of 5.7 to 6.4, depending on the field selected.  Annual Precipitation is 45”.

Regionally, the soil is Sequoia-Berks-Braddock, a moderately and very deep, well drained, gently slopping to very steep soils that have clayey or loamy subsoil formed in weathered granite or granite gneiss, or both.

Spring-fed creeks and streams provide an abundant, year-round resource on the property, including Nido’s lake, which can be drawn upon to water plants and livestock. The property has two wells, one of which produces 40 gallons of water per minute.

Nido has four distinct seasons and a mild climate.

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